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No.150,Jingxue Road,Malu,Jiading,Shanghai,China


Well Time Steel (Shanghai) Co.,LTD.,established in 2002,located in Jiadingdistrict,Shanghai,China,whichisthe mostprofessional slitting and shearing steel coil equipmentsmanufacturerinresearching,developing,designing,andmanufacturing.Wehaveachieved slitting productionlineover100setsin five years after 2004,annual value isbeyondUSD100million every year.

Our company area covers 8,700 square meters,employeesare170,including 20sets importedhigh-precise mechanical producing equipments,withadvanced ERP management software and OA office system,operating6S and ISO9001 quality system,andconsistently improve product quality and servicelevel.

Well Time Steelinsists thecustomerpriority as the first principle,providing customized products.According to customer's requirement,we design the mostefficient,profitable,and professional products for our customers.Our customersinclude: BaoSteelGroup,WuSteelGroup,MaSteelGroup,PanSteelGroup,ZheJiangProducts Group,and other big state-owned companies.Some famous Japan and Korea companies such as:Sumikin Bussan,DOWA,QPSS,the other big domestic steel and trade companies such as:SunYe,GangYu,BaiYing,ZhongDing,XinFei and LiBa...etc


One metal fabrication workshop,One machining workshop,with 17 traveling cranes

Metal fabrication workshop area: 96M x 32M as a welding workshop and material storage

Machining workshop area:96M x 54Mas a machining and assembling workshop


Planomiller x 2(Japanese x 2)

Miller x 3 (Japanese x 2,Chinese x 1)

Boring Machine x 4 (Japanese x 2,Taiwanese x 2)

Turning lathe x 8 (Taiwanese)

Personnel allocation:

Mechanical Design: 11

Electronic Design: 8

QA: 6

Manufacturing: 127

Office: 34

Total: 170

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